Heather Locklear Hairstyles: Sweet and Sexy Layers

Heather Locklear is a talented actor who was nominated six times for the Golden Globe Awards. Locklear is known for her television work. Her most notable roles include Sammy Jo Carrington in Dynasty, Officer Stacy Sheridan in the 1980s. Heather Locklear Hairstyles are sexy, sweet and sassy.

While she was in the University of California, Los Angeles, Locklear worked as a fashion model. During the period she worked in various commercials. In the very next year, Locklear landed her first roles appearing in an episode of Tales of the Unexpected. In the 1990s, she went on to play scheming vixen Amanda Woodward in the popular soap opera Melrose Place.

Locklear was basically brought in as a ‘guest star’ in an attempt to boost the ratings. However, in spite of becoming a regular cast member in 1993, she continued to be listed as a ‘Special Guest Star’ in her television series in 1999. In turn, she won First Americans in the Arts: Best Actress in a TV series for her portrayal of Melrose Place.

She was widely acclaimed for her cast on the TV sitcom SpinCity opposite Michael J Fox of Back to the Future fame. Locklear was one of the candidates for the lead role as single mother Susan Mayer in the most ever-popular television series Desperate Housewives.

In her array of television series, Locklear has starred or guest-starred in no less than seven different television series produced by Aaron Spelling. The list includes Dynasty, T.J. Hooker, Matt Houston, FantasyIsland, The Love Boat, Hotel, and Melrose Place.

Heather is in media for marrying rockers. She was married to Mötley Crüe drummer Tommy Lee during 1986-93. After their divorce, she married Richie Sambora on December 17, 1994 in Paris. She is popular in the fashion circuit for her amazing features and stunning hairstyles. Some of the remarkable Heather Locklear Hairstyles are still in vogue.

Popular Heather Locklear Hairstyles

Attractive Zigzag

In her full hairstyle, Heather looks great. For the style, her zigzag part gives her look loads of volume around the top portion. And the lovely layers which are cut around her face create a soft finish. In the style, her bangs are trimmed cutting short with the side sweep being blended with the layers around her face. For those having medium to thick hair, this style is a perfect choice.

Sweet Sexy Cut

At the world premiere of The Perfect Man Heather got a sexy style. For creating the style her locks were done in shapely layers cut around her top portion where the sides were adding perfect volume and definition. Her short side swept bangs were also cut to enhance the shape around her sexy facial cut. For those with medium to thick hair types, this style is likely to work best.

Stunning Look

You may have seen Heather’s stunning hairstyles at many occasions or movies. Here is one of them. She sometimes keeps her hairstyles in perfect condition. For creating this style, her length is left below shoulder level. In addition to this the top portion and side sections are cut and perfectly layered in order to produce height and movement.

Long Bangs

This is one of the most famous of Heather Locklear Hairstyles. The blonde beauty has chosen a beautiful soft flowing style which is perfect for medium to thick hair types. For the style, the actress trims her long layers cutting throughout the hair. The long bangs are her peculiar assets in the style. This is particularly said to be common among all face shapes. Just try if you wish to have this Heather’s style

Blonde Bombshell

In the blonde bombshell cut, Heather features a lovely flowing style blended with a soft body wave and full bangs. In addition, her layering is featured throughout the bottom and chipped ends. This style is suitable for all face shapes except the long ones because the elevation of the style will add only to the face length.